The subjects I choose are part of the present moment and arouse joy or empathy, because I have always wanted that my art infuse positive feelings. I best express emotions through a figurative representation and a strong aesthetic and I magnify fleeting moments by snapshot-like compositions.


I am particularly inspired by the theme of childhood because of the intrinsic joy of the theme and the many levels of understanding it implies – the child within us, the responsibility of adults in charge of children, the inherent qualities of children that adults should keep, the ideal childhood that all children in the world should have.

In my sculptures, I work mostly with bronze because I like the depth and nobility this material confers to the characters. To better depict a scene I sometimes include other materials as well, like for example resin, stainless steel, blown glass, iron… In my 3D frames, I like to work with neon lights for I feel the association of words and light strengthens the message I want to convey.

I think viewers are most interested in the alchemy between technical challenge and artistic expression there is in my artworks. They are also very curious to learn more about the process of making bronze sculptures, in particular about the patinas that I develop myself. They appreciate the joyful and contemporary hues this brings to the artworks without hiding the metal aspect. Amazed by the attention paid to details in my work, the viewers sometimes ask if I take moulds of real faces or garments, though I model everything in clay, except for a few fixed objects that are directly moulded, like a rope, tree branches, a teddy bear, little cars…